4 Senses Used to Detect a Brake Repair Need

The braking system is the most important safety component on your vehicle. You need to pay attention to the warning signs of bad brakes if you want to avoid dangerous driving conditions or expensive repairs. Breakdown is only one of the possible outcomes of an ignored braking system. The signs of a brake repair need are easy to spot if you just open your senses: Hearing, Smelling, Touching, and Seeing. The following are the 4 warning signs that can be detected by your senses.

Hearing: High Pitched Squeal

One of the early warning signs is the high-pitched squeal you hear when you press the brake pedal. Braking systems are designed this way, as a signal to the driver that the brake pads will need to be replaced soon. Many drivers will hear this, and keep driving for many miles. In fact, other drivers can probably hear the squeal better than you. But your ears are definitely the first line of defense against brake system problems.

Smelling: Burning Smell

Sometimes when brakes start to overheat from excessive use drivers will smell an unmistakable burning when you press the brakes. Drivers should pull over and let the brakes cool down at least. Your next stop should be Mountain View Imports in Bend, OR to let our brake specialists check the true condition of your brakes and brake fluid. If there’s a burning smell when you press the brakes, you need to take some action. Do not ignore it.

Touching: Soft Brake Pedal

The touch will also give you a clear warning sign. That touch will be felt by your foot. Drivers expect to feel the vehicle respond to the brake pedal. Whenever there’s a delay in slowing down, or the brake pedal feels soft or spongy, this is a problem that you should get checked as soon as possible. Some drivers adjust their expectations for the brakes and delay getting them fixed. This response will put you and your fellow passengers at risk.

Seeing: Leaky Fluid

The colorful brake fluid liquid will typically be seen on the ground after you drive away. This is when your eyes are giving you the most obvious sign of a repair need. Our technicians will locate and seal the leak, as well as refill/replace the brake fluid. Let the brake repair specialists at Mountain View Imports in Bend, OR handle any of your brake system concerns. Our shop is located at 1112 S.E. Zeller Lane, and we welcome all walk-ins. Stop by today!

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