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Running Low on Brake Fluid? What You Need to Know

Your vehicle’s brake system is crucial for your safety behind the wheel. Suppose your brake pads, master cylinder, or any other braking system component is damaged. In that case, it could heighten your risk of an auto accident. But what about brake fluid? Can low brake fluid levels put your safety in jeopardy? The brake repair experts at Mountain View Imports in Bend, Oregon, are here to explain more.

The Role of Brake Fluid

Most cars on the road today have a hydraulic braking system. This means they rely on fluid to create the necessary pressure for efficient stopping power. When you press your foot down on the brake pedal, the brake fluid creates pressure to squeeze the pads, slowing your vehicle down. So, if your vehicle is running low on brake fluid, it might not be able to slow down or stop when it counts toward your safety. That is a problem to rectify the moment it arises.

Symptoms of Low Brake Fluid

Do you think your car has low levels of brake fluid? If so, it might display the following symptoms:

  • An illuminated brake warning light on your dashboard
  • A spongy, or soft, feeling in your brake pedal
  • Slower stopping
  • Dirty or discolored brake fluid

If you notice any of these signs, contact the certified technicians at Mountain View Imports today.

Why Is My Brake Fluid Running Low?

If your car has low brake fluid, it could be because of a leak. If you drive an older model with high mileage, the leak is probably in one of the brake hoses. Other factors that could contribute to low brake fluid levels include rust, damaged brake lines, air in the brake lines, or worn-out brake pads.

What to Do About Low Brake Fluid Levels

If you think your car is running low on brake fluid, call the brake repair specialists at Mountain View Imports in Bend, Oregon, today. We’ve been open since 1978 and can quickly inspect your vehicle to see if it has any leaks. We’ll get you back on the road in no time. To book your appointment, call us today at 541-389-3395. See you soon!

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