Quality Mercedes Repair in Bend, OR

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Mountain View Imports is in Bend, OR and is waiting to help you with your next Mercedes Repair. Bring your Mercedes-Benz to the local experts to receive quality repairs along with great routine maintenance. We work on all models from the very old to the latest cutting-edge models. Bring your car in today and not only could you be back on the road sooner but also back on the road with a car under warranty. Our family has been supplying the area with exceptional automotive work since 1978 and we love doing so. The staff in our shop are all car enthusiasts that take their job as a serious passion. Give us a call for any questions you may have at (541)-389-3395 and our friendly staff will surely guide you in the proper direction. Ready to get your car fixed? Simply schedule your appointment online or come down to our shop located at 1112 SE Zeller Ln Bend, OR 97702 for your premium Mercedes repair.

The Mercedes-Benz being produced today use cutting edge technology to set them apart from the competition. These vehicles are built to give their customers a quality ride for years and years to come. The luxury features along with cutting edge performance enhancers truly make these cars advanced machines. This all adds up to mean that in order to repair these vehicles, a professional needs to be more than just aware of common vehicle systems. The professional staff at Mountain View Imports is more than qualified to assist you with your repair or routine services. Our five bay facility is not only equipped with the expert personnel but also the high tech, cutting edge technology and tools to safely and properly service these cars. When you hand your keys to one of us, know that your vehicle will be receiving the best automotive care in the Bend, OR area.

Technicians and mechanics alike are very aware of the complexity of a Mercedes-Benz. If they were simply machines like the ones made by other manufacturers than every auto shop would be able to work on them. However, this is not the case. With Mountain View Imports you can feel safe in believing that your vehicle will receive the repairs and maintenance it deserves. Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint the failure in your vehicle in order to be sure to fix the right thing. Our staff is highly knowledgeable not only in the mechanics side of cars but also the electrical. It is imported to understand both aspects of these Mercedes in order to accurately service them. Many Mercedes of today use an intricate web of computer systems to allow the passengers to experience the luxury driving experience they are looking for. Let us help you get back on the road by completing your luxury, Mercedes-Benz repair at Mountain View Imports. We look forward to seeing you.