Get Your Routine Oil Change in Bend, OR

Keep Your Car Running Strong

Mountain View Imports is here in Bend, Oregon to keep cars running clean and strong, no matter what make and model they may be. Our shop loves providing quality auto repairs but more importantly, we love being able to help our customers avoid costly repairs. The best way to ensure your vehicle steers clear from repairs is to make sure it gets routine maintenance and check-ups. This includes things such as wheel alignments, brake checks, coolant refills, and especially oil changes. Keeping an eye on the status of your car’s oil is a great way to keep your car running at peak performance, and in turn, saving you big money by avoiding repairs. The oil in your vehicle protects, cleans, and cools your engine to keep it running optimally. Motor oil lubricates the parts in your vehicles to keep them from directly rubbing together. Parts such as the valve train and pistons would be constantly banging up against each other if it weren’t for the oil in your vehicle. This banging and rubbing would definitely cause severe wear and tear on the internal components of your vehicle. The oil keeps your engine clean simply by dissolving and filtering debris that is a result of the parts that actually do make contact, which they commonly will in any vehicle. Oil also acts as a coolant for many vehicles by dispersing the heat and moving it around the engine to be cooled. See how important your oil is? Come on down today and make sure your car stays working at it’s best.

A common question we get asked here in Bend, Oregon is people asking how often they should change their oil. Now, we have all heard the 3,000-mile rule but really this can vary for each and every vehicle. Your vehicle’s owners manual should state how often a car’s oil should be changed along with what kind of oil it should be replaced with. This number is also not one hundred percent accurate either. Things such as the vehicles use and age can drastically change the rate at which for a car’s oil should be changed. A quick way to check if your car needs an oil change now is to simply have us check it out. The experts here at our shop can easily tell simply by looking at the color of your oil and also by the way it feels.

Let the automotive experts at Mountain View Imports assist you with your next oil change. We will gladly make sure your car’s fluids are in good condition, and if not we’ll change it for you. You can easily schedule your appointment online or call us at (541)-389-3395. Looking for service today? We have got you covered, Mountain View Imports accepts walk-ins for all makes and models. Simply come on down to 1112 SE Zeller Lane Bend, Oregon 97702 for your professional oil change.