Top 5 Audi Maintenance Tips

Reasons Your Audi Keeps Winning

Okay first off, congratulations on your taste in automobiles. It’s no accident that Audi has performed so well for so long. The manufacturers meant to do that. But they can’t take all the credit. Audi owners have to do their part too. And since you’re a part of this exclusive club of Audi drivers, we expect you and your Audi to enhance our reputation.

Preventative maintenance is the key, and here are your Top 5 Audi Maintenance Tips:

For the Audi Engine

The Audi engine is known for its powerful performance, but the one component that can compromise everything is the timing belt. Everything can shut down real quick if owners don’t handle the timing belt issues in a timely manner. As a rule, every Audi timing belt service in Bend, OR should provide maintenance service to hard-to-reach components like o-rings, seals, snub mounts, locking compound, and water pump.

For the Audi Braking System

Audi owners can expect to change the brake fluid every 30,000 miles or every 3 years, whichever comes first. It’s actually not a bad idea to just go ahead and change the brake fluid every time you change the brake pads or brake rotors. Audi’s brake pad lights are referring to the front brakes, so drivers should pay close attention to any warning signs that might be coming from the rear brakes.

For the Audi Steering and Suspension

Power steering fluid, ball joints, and wheel bearings are the key components that ensure your Audi’s exceptional road travel. Staying on top of their conditions with routine preventative maintenance will keep you two steps ahead of any problems in other components. Flushing and replacing power steering fluid every 30,000 miles, checking ball joints regularly, and monitoring wheel bearings for strange noises, will ensure superior Audi handling.

For the Audi Driveline

It may never be necessary for you to replace your Audi’s entire drive shaft. The outer CV joints might need to be replaced. They usually receive more wear-and-tear than the inner CV joints, and replacing them can save from a costly repair.

For the Audi Transmission

Audi owners should be replacing the transmission fluid every 30,000 – 60,000 miles. This will often prevent any problems with gear shifting that arise.

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