What to Know About Changing Your Oil

Know The Importance Of Regular Oil Changes

Few maintenance tasks are as necessary or as common as an oil change. Your vehicle requires fresh oil that is free from contaminants to operate efficiently and protect your engine. Find out what you need to know about an oil change in Bend, Oregon, and learn more about the signs that you may need to stop by Mountain View Imports for your auto repair. Don’t wait to tackle this essential maintenance step with the help of a qualified, local auto shop.

Frequency of Oil Changes

The frequency of your oil change depends significantly on your vehicle. Newer vehicles come with an electrical system that monitors your mileage and driving habits to warn you when you may need an oil change. Older vehicles typically rely on a general number, such as every 3,000 or 5,000 miles, but your owner’s manual will have the specifics for your make and model vehicle.

Shopping for the Best Oil Type

Residents of Bend, Oregon, have access to a wide range of oil types, so it’s important to shop carefully. Your owner’s manual will explain the type of oil, and it should also be printed on the cap of your oil reservoir. Synthetic oil may be better for high-mileage vehicles, but should only be used when recommended by your owner’s manual. Be sure to always change your oil filter when you have an oil change. Using quality name brand Oil and oil filters will increase the life of your engine. A higher-quality filter will catch more particulates and deposits. A clogged, contaminated filter won’t properly filter your new oil and could damage your engine.

Signs You Need to Contact a Mechanic

When your check engine light comes on, your car starts burning oil, or you need assistance changing your oil, stop by Mountain View Imports. Contact us today to learn how your premier oil change service in Bend, Oregon, can help you improve the life of your vehicle, improve your fuel efficiency, and help you enjoy hassle-free maintenance.

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