Top 5 Audi Maintenance Tips

Reasons Your Audi Keeps Winning Okay first off, congratulations on your taste in automobiles. It’s no accident that Audi has performed so well for so long. The manufacturers meant to do that. But they can’t take all the credit. Audi owners have to do their part too. And since you’re a part of this exclusive

Why Do Cars Need Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Bend, OR Don’t Become a Statistic: Why Your Vehicle Needs Brake Repair – Mountain View Imports Your vehicle’s brakes are not a luxury item. They are one of your most critical safety features. While we focus a lot of time and energy on going, it’s actually more important that we be confident

Types of Motor Oil

Oil Change in Bend, OR Don’t Toil Over Oil – Mountain View Imports Once you discover that motor oil isn’t just a single product, the selection process might feel a bit overwhelming. In fact, perhaps it seems like hard work to choose what’s best for your vehicle and driving habits. If you live in the

What to Know About Changing Your Oil

Know The Importance Of Regular Oil Changes Few maintenance tasks are as necessary or as common as an oil change. Your vehicle requires fresh oil that is free from contaminants to operate efficiently and protect your engine. Find out what you need to know about an oil change in Bend, Oregon, and learn more about

Why You Need an Oil Change

Basic Engine Maintenance The phrase “when you put good in, you get good out” couldn’t be more accurate than it is for your vehicle. Oil changes are a prime example of how proper maintenance can benefit your car’s long term performance and health. Here are the ways oil changes help you get the most out