Stop By For Brake Repair in Bend, OR

Keeping You Safe

Mountain View Imports is here in Bend, Oregon to help you with your next brake repair. Despite being drastically important to the safety of your vehicle, car brakes are often forgotten and not maintained. We all know our cars have brakes but just in case you don’t know how they work, they use friction. Most vehicles have a master cylinder delivering hydraulic pressure to your brakes via brake lines. Your brakes are really a set of 3 main components: the pads, the calipers, and either the rotors or drums. The hydraulic pressure provided by the cylinder enacts the calipers to apply pressure to the pads, pushing them onto the rotor or drum. This contact point is where your vehicles forward motion is decreased by converting that mechanical energy into heat energy via friction. Thanks to engineers working in the automotive field, brake systems are fairly dependable. However, that isn’t to say that they are guaranteed to work forever, just like any other part on your vehicle they will eventually need replacing and/or maintenance.

The Symptoms Of Brake Failure

Keeping your brakes working properly is something we can definitely help you with at Mountain View Imports. However, if you don’t know the early signs of brake failure you can find yourself in some seriously dangerous situations. The repeated pressing of the pads onto the drums or rotors causes your brakes to deteriorate. This wear and tear is amplified by both heavier vehicles and fast drivers, something to keep in mind if you find yourself in either shoe. If you have never checked on your vehicle’s brakes, it may be a good idea to have a professional look at them. However, if you have been hearing strange noises when you try stopping such as grinding, screeching, or squealing, it is definitely time to see an expert. These are signs that it may be time to do something about your rotors, drums, and/or brake pads. An uneven stop, harsh stop, or even odd feeling brake pedal means something could possibly be wrong with your hydraulic system that delivers the pressure to your brakes. These are just a few symptoms that could mean there is an issue with your car’s brake system. If you having any doubts or any questions feel free to call us at (541)-389-3395. Know that your brakes need a repair ASAP? Not a problem, schedule your appointment online or come to our shop at 1112 SE Zeller Lane Bend, Oregon 97702, we accept walk-ins!

Super Service For All

The professionals in Bend, Oregon are here waiting eagerly to get your car back up to being the safe vehicle it should be. Our experts are highly qualified to attentively assess your vehicle’s symptoms and accurately diagnose the issues with your vehicle’s brakes. We here at Mountain View Imports are excited to service your brakes, no matter the make and model. Come and see us today and allow us to help you keep your car running safely.